Free Web Services

Consolidated list of free services or services with a free plans to help get your project started. Please verify that the service(s) will fit your use case, usage limits and other terms were check at time of writing and may be out of date.


  • Mixpanel
    • Fairly low limits on the standard free tier but if you are willing to become a partner the limits much better.
  • Segment



  • – [hn]
    • Free to use for now. Useful if you are latency sensitive but not if you are trying to scale.
  • CloudFlare
    • This service will proxy your domain. Will not work for all use cases but easy to use and usually better than nothing.

Collaboration Software


    • Event based email platform. (free plan includes 400 emails per month)
  • SendGrid
    • Standard REST to email API (freeplan includes 12,000 emails per month)


  • Cloud9
    • A web-based IDE where you can have your workspace on your own dedicated server.
  • Nitrous
    • Another web-based IDE



  • Heroku
    • Since the free plan requires 6 hours of “sleep” a day it should definitely limited to low traffic or developer only sandboxes.